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Personality & Career Strategy

· Career,Personal Development,Self-Awareness

Heraclitus, the Greek Philosopher wrote that “change is the only constant in life”. We only see that truth accelerating in our professional lives today due to digitisation, artificial intelligence, automation and componentisation. How do we plan for career satisfaction and achieve success in such an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world? How do we respond to the opportunities and threats that rapid change thrusts towards us in a way that suits us best?

In this short workshop for the CFA Society Singapore, Andrew Jones will argue that Self-Awareness is the key. He will guide you in exploring the implications of your personality preferences for the career choices you are facing now and in the future. This will include work preferences between:

  • introversion & extraversion

  • novelty & consistency

  • data & ideas

  • leadership & followership

  • creativity & execution

  • rational & emotional

  • getting along & getting ahead

The workshop will be based on your personality self assessment. Andrew will show you how to draw insights from your results and how to apply what you learn in the development of your career strategy.

Please take your Self-Assessment here and have the results to hand during the workshop

Download the key slides from the workshop here

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