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Learning to Lead & Manage People online

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During the Covid19 crisis I have experimented with different ways to deliver my leadership development programs online. I learnt that managers prefer:

  • the flexibility that online learning gives them: they can be adaptable to the demands of work and learn when it's convenient for them
  • shorter bursts of learning than 2 or 3 full days in a training room
  • the choice to join the topics that are useful to them
  • the choice to learn with a group or learn alone
  • the opportunity to access the learning they need when they need it
  • blended learning whereby they can participate in synchronous online activities in workshops, but also watch and re-watch videos and slides of the key concepts at their convenience
  • to get their own questions answered at the time they face the problem not wait for a class
I have designed my new program, Leading & Managing People at Work to meet these preferences.
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On the program homepage you can watch Andrew introduce the program in full, get all the details, view the latest schedule and ask Andrew anything

The content is also determined by the participants. Until the end of 2020 we will cover...

If you would like to talk to Andrew directly about Leading & Managing People please email him here

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