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Coaching Skills for Leaders

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Coaching Skills for Leaders open enrollment

Andrew's popular Coaching Skills for Leaders course is now available online as public program.

Learn how to coach your staff to learn from experience, be accountable, achieve objectives, develop new behaviors, become more resilient and take ownership of their own career development.

Giving feedback alone is not enough to develop a high-performance team. Next, you must coach them to acquire the skills and apply them on the job. On this course, you will learn and practice six coaching methods to help you to do just that and become a better leader.

Watch Andrew introduce the Coaching Skills for Leaders program.

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Current classes

Starting on Saturday 13th June 2020

Fully subscribed

Enrollment is closed - Module 5 in progress

Here are the classes open for enrollment. Maximum class size is 12.

Sundays starting 30th August 2020

30% early enrollment discount

Click here for details & enrollment

'I look forward to learning with you online!'

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