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Are you shaping your job or is your job shaping you?

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Does your job make you ever more who you are? Or are you flexing and folding your job description to fit the person you want to be? Do you take more responsibility or wait for it to be delegated to you? Do you extend your reach horizontally to do more or push your way up to lead more? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in May.

I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

What do you intentionally do to build strong friendships?

How much data do you need to take a decision?

What are the timeless elements of your tradition and what’s outdated?

How would a geologist approach your problems?

Where do you go to know yourself better?

Is your smartphone your alarm clock?

Are you feeling actively engaged today?

How did your journal help you this month?

Watching a movie or directing a movie, which feels more like your career?

Are you giving your next passion a chance to find you?

Do you use creativity & innovation as synonyms?

Where do you look for chaos?

What do you need a bank to be?

Your own Success correlates to …?

What will you do to avoid networking?

Lean in or lean up - what is your reflex response?

Do you have the "best available evidence?"

Have you tried dancing with systems to which you belong?

Can you smell a mild lack of commitment?

Does your CEO lead learning?

Do you Intentionally apply your strengths each day?

What’s the relationship between adversity & opportunity?

Do you enjoy the problem more than want the solution?

Is the back office the new front office?

What didn’t you see?

Which of your colleagues is writing a Blog?

How would you start a business?

What do you do when you do not feel trusted?

Do you commit to yourself before you move into action?

Does your organisation want to be the people it is recruiting?

Is there a satisfying promise?

How many irons in the fire are too many?

How often does a living document get to talk to you?

Are you ready with a story to illustrate your firm's values?

Does building a raft also build a team?

Whose emails are controlling your work day?

How would an historian behave in your team Meeting? Would it help?

When have you scheduled your first break tomorrow?

Does the future give or take?

When does your voice shake?

Which Training method works best for your team?

What kind of worker are you and what could you become?

Available or approachable: which makes you a better leader?

Have you read your Employee Handbook recently? Do you know what you have signed up to?

Can you focus all your energy? Is it good for you?

How will your firm choose its next leader? What part will HR play?

How do you develop the trust to allow an external facilitator to facilitate your team meeting?

What do you say when you do not agree with the feedback?

Can your staff teach back what they learnt from experience?

Where do you look for meaning?

Whose smartphone is stealing most from your leadership?

When have you seen benign neglect work?

What good do you get from gossip?

Can you exercise your autonomy while you are employed?

Are you running a business within a business?

Does repetition of your key messages have an arithmetic or geometric impact on your staff?

Leadership: cause or effect?

Do you reward people who contribute to the culture?

How many happy accidents did you have last week?

Did you see Karma at work last week?

Who did you make think today?

Who can help you think differently about office politics?

How does the corner office feel when you visit?

Is being Future-Ready enough?

Do you believe you are being busy?

Have you got what it takes to go freelance?

Is your feedback style candid or candied?

Are you working on your life’s goals today?

Who contradicts you with ease and who with a heavy heart?

What difference does it make to watch the video together than alone on your device?

How loud is your listening?

Does your organisation have the agility to win the war for talent?

What do you want to be remembered for after you have left the firm?

Have you told your manager what you want your next Performance Review to say?

Are you still hoping to draw the get out of jail free card?

In whom can you see your firm’s Values?

How do you set about changing someone's mind?

Do you know what your staff are passionate about?

Do you behave publicly like you’re committed to the company?

How do you know when you are deceiving yourself?

How do you manage a needy employee?

Can tackling what you are always avoiding be the route to your next Passion?

Is conflict easier to manage than change?

Does more technology necessarily lead to more mobility?

When do you feel most comfortable to be vulnerable?

How far out does Time-out have to be to benefit you?

If you feel like you are only coping now, how will you bring this time to an end?

Do you use Fair Process in your Decision-making?

What are the benefits of the hierarchy in your organization?

How do you avoid Burnout?

Do blurred, more permeable role boundaries lead to more intrapreneurship?

Is Positive Thinking all it takes?

What do you learn from others’ consistent behaviour?

How will use your Sunday evening blues to your benefit?

How do show your team the connection of Why & How

Are your staff excited by the work you give them?

Do you Enjoy every day?

Do you claim your seniority by rejecting younger employees’ behaviour?

Who alerts you to the hazards of your assumptions?

Do you have a “strong working alliance” with your Executive Coach?

In the time it took to buy that Latte what did you avoid doing?

How does the act of writing with a pen help you?

What drives you to comment on a LinkedIn or Blog post?

How does the organisation benefit when you work for someone younger than yourself?

Whose story needs you as Hero?

Are you out-of-date or a Guru?

Does your team listen to each other?

Must every negotiation lead to a win/win outcome?

When did you last ask your boss where she finds her purpose?

Are you working in a culture of ambition?

Finished or fatigued? What is a good ending?

Are you ready for the tide to turn?

What are the chances that you will implement your strategy successfully?

Is wanting not to want more powerful than wanting?

How much did the last risk you took cost you in dollars and cents?

How may you be sabotaging your own promotion potential?

What can you achieve without self-awareness?

Do you see the points of difference or shared interest first?

Have you been using your artistry this week?

When do you allow the other party time to digest what you have said?

Do you decide to spend your own money in the same way you decide to spend your firm’s money?

When is High Performance too high?

Who forms the market for what you have to say?

How do you generate curiosity in your workforce?

Have you chosen your colleagues for harmony or success?

Are you shaping your job or is your job shaping you?

Are you Green-Shifting your firm away from integrity?

Leaders ask questions. Are you asking enough questions?

What have you charted?

What impresses your CFO?

Whose courage can you see in action?

Do you put as much thought into the last impression you are making as the first?

What new human roles will become possible in manufacturing due to automation?

Who sets the energy Level?

Have you found your tribe? How are you different when you are with them?

Are you encouraging productive, healthy conflict in your organisation?

Are you stuck in an unhappy job?

What can you control today?

Group-think: Wisdom of the crowd or madness of the mob?

How will you build rapport with a robot?

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