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Preparing for your Chemistry Chat

· Coaching,Personal Development

Andrew always starts a coaching relationship with a complimentary, no-commitment, introductory or “chemistry” meeting to hear your objectives and to explain how Executive Coaching or Career Coaching can work for you. With that understanding he can suggest options for the format, content, duration and cost of a Coaching engagement to support you towards your objective, where appropriate. Only with that understanding does he start a formal Coaching engagement.

1 Book an introductory meeting with Andrew

If you have not already done so, please book here: video conference chemistry chat or face-to-face chemistry chat in Singapore. Alternatively, please contact Andrew directly to schedule the meeting. You may choose to prepare with the recommended steps below:

2 Clarify your Objective

Review what led you to be interested in Coaching. What do you want to achieve through the Coaching process? Be as specific as you can be now. During the meeting we will go deeper. You may find this article helpful A question of chemistry in coaching

3 Read the Code of Conduct we follow

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4 Keep in touch

Andrew is looking forward to meet you. Sign up below to be the first to know about special offers for students & clients, coaching, reflection groups, courses, and more...