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Working Across Cultures

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This is a living collection of resources that I use in my Working/Communicating Across Cultures programs. It includes all the resources I use in the workshops and additional background reading.

To work effectively in Asia today, you must be culturally literate and versatile. I deliver workshops that introduce you to the practical, professional differences that we may encounter when working in diverse teams or on business travel. These workshops share some techniques for identifying the hidden cultural trip wires that can easily bring us down.

Even within Asia, there are great differences in the way national cultures express professionally. We explore the reality through our own experiences and local case studies. We explore the theory behind understanding these differences and how you can vary your behavior in response.

Please contact Andrew here for the archive materials from the Cross-Cultural Communication workshops at The University of Manchester SEA Centre 16th & 18th January 2024

In our workshop we will look into some of the intercultural communication challenges you may face when studying or doing business across Asia:

  • Different communication styles and nonverbal cues, as some Asian cultures prioritize indirect communication and may be more reserved in their communication style.
  • Different expectations and norms around hierarchy and respect for authority, as many Asian cultures have strong hierarchies and may expect deference to authority figures.
  • Different attitudes towards time and punctuality, as some Asian cultures may have a more flexible attitude towards time and may not attach as much importance to being punctual.
  • Different attitudes towards negotiation and decision-making, as some Asian cultures may place a greater emphasis on building relationships and reaching consensus before finalizing decisions.
  • Different attitudes towards business relationships and trust, as some Asian cultures may place a greater emphasis on personal connections and trust in business relationships.

It's always a good idea to research the culture and customs of the specific country you will be doing business with, and to be aware of and respectful of these cultural differences. At the same time, we are well advised to look for data that contradict our mental models and revise our assumptions as we meet new people. Slow down, challenge your assumptions and remember everyone is unique!

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