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Managing Yourself

· Emotion,Confidence,Happiness

This is a living collection of resources supporting the second day of my EMBA course, Personal Effectiveness. In this class, we move from Self-Awareness to Self-Management. Often, the first question is: How do I reflect? Here's a good suggestion

Building on the awareness of our own emotional landscape, self-confidence, resilience, optimism, energy, learning ability, motivation and happiness, we move to ask questions about how we regulate and develop them. How do we care for ourselves to be ready and successful in life and at work? What is happiness and how do we nurture it? How do we each learn best?


We explore many themes from the study of Emotional Intelligence and the field of Positive Psychology.

There are more resources on the Hogan Assessments page and notes on motivation concerning Career Strategy and Confidence

Self-control – what lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do. Aristotle

Please contact Andrew here for the archive materials from the Managing Yourself workshop at The University of Manchester SEA Centre 22nd February 2023






What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. - Plutarch

Please contact Andrew here if you would like to discuss how you may go further in this topic through Coaching.

Please use the comments section at the foot of the page to suggest resources you have found useful on this topic and I'll add them for the benefit of others.

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