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from Andrew Jones

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Catch up on 2024

Coach Yourself Newsletter - June 2024

Are you failing enough this year?, Act as if you already have the role, Your career questions, "How do I overcome embarrassment about redundancy?" What is career strategy? Work out loud to balance for your biases.

Coach Yourself Newsletter - June 2024

Half-way check-in, Legacy thinking, Your career questions, "How do I show I am ready for promotion", Manage your boss through their peers, If you cannot prepare for every possible interview question, what can you do?

Coach Yourself Newsletter - May 2024

Ask Andrew Anything, Networking is not a job search tool. Networking is the job!, Don't just adapt. Lead the change., “Framestorming”, Not all feedback is created equal.

Coach Yourself Newsletter - April 2024

Leaders exist. Leadership roles do not., Passion is a luxury, How to answer "Tell me about a time when you discovered the benefits of being vulnerable in a professional situation.", How networking has changed.

Coach Yourself Newsletter - February 2024

Conflict at work, Career Strategy, Making genuine connections at work, How to answer "what is your leadership style?", use coaching to make a space to 'breathe'.

Coach Yourself Newsletter - January 2024

Starting well, Personal Branding, How to answer "Why have you been changing companies every 2-3 years for the past 15 years? How can we be sure that you won’t leave us in 2-3 years?”, Executive Presence, What's your toughest interview question?