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Testing the Limits of the Unknown

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Have you been testing the limits of the unknown this month? Which question led to most progress? Did you thank the person who asked you? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in May. I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

What's the value of personal development in the gig economy?

Is every question you are asked an attack on you?

Do you own your own behaviour?

What are your interests?

How many new relationships between others have you created?

What is holding you back?

How does Mindfulness work for you?

Can you recall the original cause of your negative feelings about you colleague?

Who did you influence on Monday?

Who put you in the box?

Is your #reputation who you are?

When you help your team, do you make it helpless?

How do you tell a Story?

What part does Social Confirmation play in your Strategy process?

Why are you doing this job at this time of your life?

When will you be ready?

What are the benefits of not being able to remember everything?

Is your feedback specific?

How will you know who is the winner today?

Who did you help on Thursday?

Who will lead in a time of crisis?

Did you start with Why?

What would it take to make it happen?

Who are you trying to change?

Why not do both?

Are you overthinking?

What IS Possible now?

Do you allow yourself to live with Paradox?

Who switched on your light-bulb?

What can the carpet tell you about the meeting?

What is not being said?

Can you do it without a leader?

How much Time do you spend making sense of your Leadership & Experience?

How will you take up your authority today?

A jumping-off point or a dead-end?

How can you move faster?

What are the unknowns?

Whose Truth are you resisting?

How can you accelerate a Meeting?

Which spiral are you falling into?

How many times were you cc'd on emails this week?

Is your CV up-to-date & demonstrating your strengths?

This box your supposed to think out of - what shape is it?

Is second best?

How will you weaken the forces that are holding you back?

Do your peers know your Change story? Do they know how it ends?

What is the worst behaviour you have tolerated?

What’s the value of being the difficult person in the office?

Could your organisation be flatter?

Will your staff read the books you recommend?

Do you want to add value?

When is lack of Focus a benefit?

What are the limitations of your own world view?

Do you have trouble coming up with just the perfect metaphor?

What gets you engaged in a meeting?

Do you get a vision of the future by locking yourself in your office?

Is the concept Business As Usual helpful?

Who led the elephant into the room?

Can you do it alone?

Can you be too good at your job?

Do you need operational experience?

Can you show your past failures compassion?

Is the status quo challenging you?

Does your boss keep you in mind?

Who does not care?

What does Red Amber or Green leave unsaid?

How did you become a manager?

What did you learn about your limits this week?

How can you help you clients by doing less?

Is it time to think in a new box?

When did you last make your boss feel uncomfortable?

Do you dread idleness?

On the way to the meeting you bump into your future self. What will you ask?

Do you miss the memories or the person?

What do your young managers want?

What can you learn from your would-be disrupters?

Are you looking for a fight?

What’s missing?

Is your job to avoid getting shouted at?

Who did you praise on Friday?

What does a bias for action overlook?

Why is Succession Planning such a problem?

Have you been testing the limits of the unknown this week?

What are your hobbies?

Which watercooler works best for you?

Are you Respected more than you Respect?

How do you practice telling your Stories?

What would your 18-yr old self advise?

Are you working with a malignant Narcissist?

How much time do you spend teaching your colleagues?

Are you a “Constructive Contrarian”?

How can you tell if a Team has a shared Purpose?

How far can you go?

When is your Sense Making at its best?

Are you being heard?

Is it time to feel scared again?

How will you waste your time today?

Does it remind you of a time when…?

Is bigger better?

Is working from home good for Introverts ?

How will you use the word "but" today?

What steps will you take this month to address your skill gaps?

How will you know when you have achieved your objective?


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