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What impact did you make last year?

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Did you reflect on your 2017? Did you journal your achievements, learnings, advances and extended relationships? Did you write what happened or your judgements of what happened? When you read what you wrote, does it come back to life? If you didn't keep a journal how could you evaluate yourself? How could you assess your progress to your personal development objectives?


Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in December, while I was reflecting on my 2017.

I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

Who else do you wish you were?

Are you attending to the loneliness round you?

Do you have the right mix of Emotional Intelligence for your job?

Do you need a reason to be kind at work?

Who wants to work with you?

Is it time for you to consider the opposite?

Who wants to be the boss?

Who is addressing the complexity in your firm?

Do you need a Coach?

What does your fantasy Portfolio Career consist of?

Can I tell from your profile what you are looking for?

Could anyone do Marketing?

Who determines how much time it will take to change your career?

Something will turn up? Can you leave it to luck?

How do your competitors respond to your actions?

How will exploring your own personal passion add value to your job today?

How do you limit the technology you use?

Could you achieve an equal or better result with a phone call?

What kept you awake this year?

In 2018, why not do what you plan for when you retire & retire what you'd planned to do?

Are the tasks you love damaging your progress?

Why are you talking now?

Who acts when you smile?

Are you cheating your staff when you don’t tell them what you really think?

Where does your boss source her advice? Is it better to know or not?

Could you be curiouser?

If you complain about your staff, who is at fault?

Whose emotional map did you follow this year?

What truly matters?

Did you apply what you learnt after the workshop?

Are you present when you present?

When do you feel the need to use the adjective ethical before your actions?

Are stuck up the blind alley of pursuing authenticity?

Who is following you?

Will everyone have the same answer to 'What could possibly happen next?'?

Can you do anything at work that's unconditional?

How do you support your new staff to meet your expectations?

When do your company & country cultures clash?

Do you plan your Networking, or does it just happen?

Insider or outsider?

Do you Peers hear you?

What personal benefits do you expect to generate form your year-end break?

How will you know if you are over-leading?

How can HR lead best through M&A integrations?

Does your organisation encourage & focus scepticism?

When was the last time you cried? What has happening?

Are you ever sick & tired?

Who will trigger your career change?

When was the last time you were amazed? Who knew?

How do you support your new managers to score early wins?

How are you limited by your status quo?

How do your career & your friendships reinforce each other?

Who’s the best thinker in your team?

Who will play you in the movie?

How do they know your habits?

Who gave you the authority?

Who’s in and who’s out?

Are your leaders taking enough risks?

Value or Values?

Who do you respect for the way they disagree?

What’s the movie trailer for your next role? Who is the hero?

How many unagendaed days did you schedule this year?

What have you done this year out of your responsibility for your own happiness?

Where do you belong?

Can your gig-workers motivate themselves?

Is having a good time together a waste of time?

What are you doing to develop and retain the innovators in your organization?

Did you become a leader to be called a leader?

What are you NOT doing to close the gender pay gap?

Do you see your parents in the professional decisions you made this week?

How do you test your hypotheses?

Who is feeding the monkey on your back?

Will you set an example today?

Are you holding a purpose or a pose?

What do you do that makes them confident in you?

When do you put your foot down?

Is small-talk such a big problem?

When does firm become rigid?

Must everyone in your team be ambitious?

Do you take comfort from clichés?

Are you still following the script?

What happens when your staff discuss politics at work?

Are you tweaking your job scope to suit you?

Are you assuming the worst about people's motives?

What happens inside you when you smile?

Who is managing your time?

Which of your habits enable your success?

What does the coffee wash away?

How wide is "polite distance”?

Bureaucracy: are you part of the problem or the solution?

How often do refer to your moral compass at work?

Dependence - Interdependence - Independence - where are you today?

How do you feel, when your peers appear more courageous than you?

What did you learn this year?

If you choose not to take a stand, what do you do?

What if you put the empathy first?

What do you learn when you play?

How much more value does your CEO add than you?

Why don’t you spend some of your Emotional Capital this week?

How does it feel to walk on egg shells?

For whose learning do you feel responsible?

What are your decisions for?

How much working memory do you have?

Were you smiling yesterday?

Can anyone see points in your pointless task?

Is trust better than control?

Who in your firm is listening for the 'weak signals'?

How do we know you are listening at your best?

How could your adaptability let you down?

How often is it good to be bored?

‘It’s a living document’ - what do you mean by that euphemism?

What impact did you make this year?

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