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Which Question made you Stronger ?

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Which Question made you stronger in April? Which question made it simpler? Did you thank the person who aided you? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in April.

Who made you stronger this week?

If you can’t, who can?

How did your weekend make today the best Monday it could be?

Is easy really better than difficult?

Where do you unlearn best?

Have you found your Tribe?

Is it time to let go of the past?

When you are invited for a coffee, what intent do you assume?

How did you start your day?

What comes next?

If they don’t know why, then how will they deliver when circumstances change?

Is perfection necessary now?

Do you have data to support that judgement?

What are the unexpected benefits of seeing the big picture

To become closer to your boss must you grow further from your staff?

Is this a dangerous question?

What did you learn this week?

Have you told yourself you have finished before you have started?

When is greater Visibility not the same as being seen more frequently?

What could possibly go right?

When does Silence work for you?

Did you meet your objectives last week?

How many people looked at your LinkedIn profile last week?

What is your Risk appetite?

Why isn’t ‘‘done’’ better than ‘‘ideal?

What will you say when you meet your competitor?

Who is winning this week?

Will you do fake work today?

In which room do you feel most comfortable?

Why should anyone follow you?

What did you dream about yesterday?

Are you waiting to be asked?

What didn't you learn this week?

Who will you help next week?

What will you Change this week? What didn't you learn this week?

Are you afraid of success?

How do your staff know that you are not an Algorithm?

Is Entrepreneurship an escape route?

How will you make them feel today?

India or China?

Do you Listen to yourself?

Are you enjoying the journey?

How do you know your staff are working for you right now?

What one thing will you do today to shape your future?

Is Creativity really Intelligence having Fun?

Are you prepared for the best?

What have you done for the first time today?

What do you do after a meeting?

Are you ready to be disrupted?

What influence have you exercised this week?

Are you holding women back?

Do you always have the answer?

Have you started?

When you are asked to go the extra mile which direction do you choose?

Could you look at your problem from another point of view?

When is Embarrassment a useful Feeling?

How does a professional dress today?

Can you be happy at work?

Who got more attention: your guest or the coffee?

When did you last share an oops-moment with your staff?

When you stand at the edge of the unknown, which way do you look?

Who's mirroring your behaviour right now?

How can you make it simpler?

Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions this month. Notice which questions were productive for you and tell me where they take you.

Andrew Jones is an Executive Coach and Career Counselor. Please contact Andrew directly to learn more about this topic or subscribe below to hear more from Andrew in the future.