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Will you be more Curious this year?

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You can't do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh.

John Singer Sargent

How does your Curiosity serve you? Can you control it? Does your Curiosity control you? Where could your Curiosity take you in the new year? How can you offer it to your colleagues? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in November.

I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness.

Joseph Conrad

Do meetings make you mad?

Can you feel progress?

What skills will make you successful in the digital economy?

How can you develop centeredness?

How much are you worth?

Are you anxious when they ask for your CV?

What happens when you say “! do not know"?

Who is your career guide?

Who shares their problems with you?

Are your successes holding you back?

How do you mobilise your attention?

Are you what you do?

Can you have too many options?

How do you motivate yourself?

What fears surface when you stand before your team?

Can you embrace the discomfort?

Do you show the difference between urgent & important in the way you lead?

Can you see a connection between your emotions & results?

Who wants your employees to be happy?

What is a good argument?

Are you going nowhere fast?

What do you prioritise over strategy?

What will you learn this week?

Do you have to make time for self-reflection or does it free up time for you?

What do you want to achieve with the remaining years?

What's holding you back from collaborating?

Are you a nett contributor?

How do you know you have chosen the best successor?

If you have a good decision-making process, do you criticise the bad results?

How do you score yourself for executive presence?

What stops you from trying new ways to lead?

What will you have to change to be ready to hire & motivate Generation Alpha?

Is it ever too late to start over?

Does the language you use at work clarify or confuse?

Is creativity a muscle?

What will be the benefits when you follow your curiosities?

Will you be more curious next week?

How do you contribute to closing the skills gap?

When did you last visit the space between who you are & who you wish to be?

Is humility a card to be played?

Does your firm have Social Intelligence?

When do you say ’sorry’ and mean it?

Can confusion be your compass?

How many careers will you have?

What example will you set today?

Do you have the right mix of Emotional Intelligence for your job?

Can you trigger Emotional Contagion?

What do the best leaders NOT do?

How do you build a healthy leadership culture - quickly?

How do you create partnership across boundaries?

Who are you helping?

Where do you go to scream?

Do you need a competitor in your team to perform at your best?

Is your backup plan causing the problem?

What do the best leaders do?

How much credit do you give for “I tried”?

What are the benefits of an unplanned succession?

How open does your network need to be?

Core business or diversification?

Cornerstone or keystone - what is the image you want to convey?

How do you evaluate the impact of your Imagination?

How do you persuade?

What leads you to feel that your interviewee is stressed?

How do you evaluate potential so that you can compare two employees for it?

How do you value a <Like>?

When were you last in a state of effortless flow?

Are they following your job title or you?

Have you noticed change in the process of change?

Who benefits from your Influence?

What, specifically, makes you happy?

Who trusts your Instincts & who does not?

Who speaks truth to your power?

What were the benefits of the annual review approach to Performance Management?

Do you check in on the quality of your critical working relationships?

When you leave the meeting room do you leave the meeting?

Are you a hub? A connection broker? A host?

How like you is your social media self?

Can you control yourself?

Is it better to be smart yourself or surrounded by the smartest people?

Will you accept what is?

What isn't being said?

Do you feel like you are fighting for the resistance when you meet your boss?

How do you escape from the 9-box grid?

How does your office chair shape your leadership style?

When is hypocrisy worth it?

Are you feeding the elephant in the room?

Observe more or react more?

What is your story?

How do you repossess an experience?

Do you watch how your feedback lands?

What could you do with all the time that you spend judging people?

Will you grow with your job?

What is the case for inaction?

You can make choices & take risks - so, why don’t you?

Who can you rely on to do what they say they will?

How do you value your Social Capital?

Can your HR function measure merit and bias?

Whose purpose does your fear serve?

What does deep sleep do for you?

Do you worry about being innovative?

Is your management team more or less international than your market?

What can mindful leadership achieve?

Work-Life Balance: where do you do the hard work?

How can you 10x your networking without spending more time on it?

When is busyness a virtue?

Who is your most valuable ally on your change journey?

What was the most precarious moment of your career?

Which emotion is most likely to derail your career?

Do you use all of your body when you lead?

Is your firm’s CV parsing software working against your efforts to hire the best person for the job?

If you do not praise your team, what are you afraid of?

When you feel anxious how do you appear to others?

Is your leadership at risk of derailing?

Do you know your cashflow?

How do you turn your contacts into a community?

Is your heart really in it?

How do you lead with compassion and to High Performance?

Does your sleep pattern hinder your writing?

What do you know about your competitors?

How do you celebrate?

What matters more than trust?

What are the benefits of your procrastination?

How is Big Data empowering you?

Who hid the talents in your organization?

Is this your dream job?

Does swearing make you stronger?

Are you hiding your talents?

How do you develop trust in a consultant?

Is your team's morale up or down on last Monday?

What sort of leadership workshop stretches you?

Who could have a better answer?

What is on your NOT to do list?

Do you intend to be an effective leader or a long-lasting leader?

How did you acquire your resentments? How have they evolved over the year?

Are you buying the rumours & selling the facts?

What is the value of your Personal Brand?

When did you last question your burdens?

How do you execute with clarity?

Which way are you facing?

Do you have to want to be a Top Performer?

What could you achieve if you think like a hacker?

How do you break a habit?

Who taught you the best way how to fish?

How do you nudge someone’s enthusiasm into alignment with your objective?

Is now Post Normal?

How can you be sure they all know your strategy?

Are you ready to decide?

How can you refresh your Leadership?

What excited you at school?

Do you make it possible for people to show they support you?

Can you do more?

Will you be sarcastic at work today?

What will you do this month to build your company's talent pipeline

Compassion or Action?

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