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Notes & Resources: Networking

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This is a living collection of resources that back up my workshop to prepare Masters students in Singapore for the international jobs markets, and to support my Coaching clients build the networks that they want. It includes all the resources I refer to in the Professional Networking Skills workshop and further reading. Also see the related post on Influence & Social Power for the exercise of influence through your network.

Download the INSEAD EMFIN Professional Networking workshop slides here and the Networking Canvas here.




Request the full archive of my workshop for post-graduate students Professional Networking materials here.

Request the full archive of the Manchester Business School Executive MBA Professional Networking Workshop for here.

Please contact Andrew here if you would like to discuss how you may go further in this topic through Coaching.

Please use the comments section at the foot of the page to suggest resources you have found useful on this topic and I'll add them for the benefit of others.

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