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A Question of 2019

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You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.”
James Clear

Are you reflecting on your career at the end of the 2018? What have you promised yourself for 2019? Is it more of the same? If you want to find a new perspective but are stumped for where to look, what will you do? A feeling of stuckness over the year end break often leads people to seek me out to help them regain direction and momentum.

As a Coach I am often supporting clients in their professional development and career progress. Questions are my stock in trade. What question helped you most in 2018? If you can't answer that then maybe you need to seek out more challenging questions. In a world where we become the five people we spend most time with very quickly, we are challenged, perplexed or provoked much less than we need.


Rather than ask what is your trajectory, what are your priorities or what is your purpose, I'd alter the wording a little to seek an intentional, conscious, committed answer:


What trajectory have you set for 2019?

What priorities have you determined for 2019?

What purpose have you embraced to fuel you through 2019?


Here are my most popular leadership coaching Twitter questions of each month in 2018.


What behaviours do you value in your team mates?


Do corporates have to give up their corporateness to survive?


Is your #CEO paid too much?


What innovation are you known for?


What are you doing to prepare for the second act of your career?


Can you trust yourself to hold you accountable for your commitments?


When is the last time you changed your mind and made yourself unpopular ?


What do you learn from others’ consistent Behaviour ?


Can Vilfredo Pareto save your life?


What demonstrated your ability to make tough decisions?


Does your Org Chart influence what you do & feel at work?


What are the unspoken rules of your Workplace ?

Where else can you look? Maybe here How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


What will 2019 produce?

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