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Work in Progress: Mastering Personal Effectiveness

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Who is this course for?

My Mastering Personal Effectiveness course is an expanded version of the Personal Effectiveness executive MBA core course I have been teaching for the last 3 years. It has been appreciated by students from early in their careers to leaders who already have extensive line management experience. They have found that professional expertise is not enough to make progress today; they also need to build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, manage relationships, communicate effectively, work across cultures and much more.

Why is the course designed this way?

This course is organised into 12 modules. Each one focuses on an essential set of behaviours. I have designed the modules in a practical way to give you the handful of key concepts that you need to succeed in that topic, with most of the guidance addressing how you can build the behaviours for yourself and apply what you have learnt.


I have facilitated many leadership development programs and coached many leaders, and despite the heights the participants have reached in their careers, quite often they have missed to get a solid grounding in personal effectiveness and have not given much thought to how they behave at work. I have designed this course to fill this gap.

Course curriculum

01 Start with a Plan

What will I learn from this course?

How will we learn together?

How do I use reflection in my personal development?

What’s my learning style?

What are my strengths & weaknesses?

How do I make an actionable personal development plan?

My learning commitment to myself for this course is…

02 Self-Awareness

What is my personality?

How can I increase my self-awareness and become more emotionally intelligent?

How do I get the feedback I need?

What is authenticity and impression management?

How do I change my behaviour and remain authentic?

03 Managing my Productivity

Can I balance life and work?

What does it mean to be accountable & responsible?

How should I manage my own work from accepting to completing a task?

How can I focus & prioritise my work?

How can I manage my own time and productivity?

04 Emotional Self-Control

What are emotions and moods, and how do they affect me?

What triggers me to make an emotional response that I may regret?

Can I control my own emotions?

How can I influence how I feel and behave when I am stressed?

Who is responsible for my happiness at work?

05 Understanding what's happening

How can I learn what's going on around me at work?

How do I listen effectively ?

How do I build rapport?

What is empathy and how can I use it at work?

How do I become aware of my assumptions, and what should I do with that awareness?

06 Building Robust Relationships

How do I build robust professional relationships?

How do I accelerate trusting & being trusted?

How do I manage others’ expectations of me?

How do I repair a damaged relationship?

How do I navigate office politics?

07 Being valued

How do I increase my self-confidence & assertiveness?

How can I collaborate effectively with my colleagues?

How should I talk about my doubts, worries and failure?

How should I talk about successes and achievements?

How can I be proactive and show initiative?

08 Getting to agreement

What is the meaning and value of agreement & conflict?

How do I get from conflict to agreement?

How can handle others’ attitude to conflict?

How can I say Yes and No effectively?

How should I respond effectively to criticism?

09 Being Visible

What does my boss want from me?

How can I manage my boss?

How do I assess my visibility & reputation at work?

How can I manage how my other stakeholders see me?

What is the value professional networking?

10 Being heard

How do I assess the effectiveness of my communication at work?

What do my colleagues see and hear when I speak?

How can I organise my thoughts to make my point?

How should I prepare for & present my ideas persuasively in an important meeting?

How do I use my presence & body language to make my point?

11 Being Recognised

How do I build and use my personal brand?

How do I know my market value?

How do I convert my ambition into achievement?

How do I evaluate my own performance?

How do I set my own objectives?

How should I prepare for a formal evaluation meeting?

12 Finish with a plan

What do I use what I have learnt to go further?

What steps will I take to managing my own career in future?

How do I evaluate and develop my motivation & optimism to power me forward in the future?

If I want to become a leader of others, what else should I work on?

Alum arrangements & keeping in touch

Final Evaluation & Feedback

Certificate of completion

Course options...

Option 1 - The 12 monthly modules listed above


Option 2 - Option 1 plus a monthly webinar for further exercises and exploring questions


Option 3 - Option 2 plus a monthly one-to-one coaching