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What is your story?

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What is your story?


How do you introduce yourself to your new client, shareholder, team-member, boss, PR, consultant? Maybe you open with an elevator pitch, a CV or resumé recap, a sales pitch, a funding pitch, your IP teaser or you wing it? How does your audience get to know you in that instant? What impact do you achieve? Do they remember you?

We're all stories, in the end. Steven Moffat

Why not experiment with using your story to introduce yourself. We all have a story. How can you tell the story to express the essence of you?

What are the handful of actions, decisions, relationships, insights, epiphanies, influences that make you? Bring them to life in your story - not a list. Reveal your purpose, your passion, and your values by showing what they look like in action - in your crucible moments. Share a little vulnerability, or your attitude to the world and its resources. How you have changed over time, makes it a dynamic story. Pick the key moments when your motivation, values, attitudes, understanding... grew.

And here's some guidance from the experts. How you deliver your story is equally important.

The purpose of the story format is to convey you in a concise, compelling and engaging way to the people who you hope will be following, hiring, buying from, trusting, selling, introducing, investing in... you. Remember, you are offering meaning through the words you use and the way you say them. So, tell me...

What is your story?

Everybody's got a different way of telling a story - and has different stories to tell. Keith Richards

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