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Career Strategy in a VUCA World

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This is a living collection of resources that I use with in my Career Strategy workshop for students who are just beginning their Masters programs in Singapore. It includes all the resources I refer to in the workshops, Career Strategy in a VUCA World, Owning your Career and Career Strategy. The purpose of the workshops is to take stock of careers to date and use some tools for self-awareness and mapping out the important choices and actions ahead.


Traditional career strategy, which focuses on rising to the right job and staying in it for the long term, is no longer relevant. The world of work is constantly changing, and people are increasingly finding themselves needing to change careers or reinvent themselves to stay relevant.


In our VUCA world, career strategy is the answer to ‘Who do I want to be?’ It is about developing your identity: how you see your professional self. This can be a difficult and challenging process even for MBAs and seasoned professionals, but it is also an opportunity for rewarding growth and self-discovery.

You can follow my career change journey and what I learnt in the Complete Career Strategy & Job Search Course .

Class Materials

Please contact Andrew here for the archive materials from the Career Strategy in a VUCA World workshop for Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia), 7th November 2023 or book a discussion in my open office hours

Recommended Books

Anything you're good at contributes to happiness. -Bertrand Russell

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