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Year end interview challenge

Interview Skills Workshop: Class Notes & Resources

"This is a living collection of resources that I share in my Interview Skills workshop to prepare Masters students in Singapore for the international jobs markets. It includes all the resources I refer to in the workshop and further reading. You may also find these Speaking, Executive Presence & Confidence resources useful"

The purpose of our interview workshops is for students to learn:

  • Understand the common interview types, uses and methods and how to prepare for them
  • How to use the job ad or job description to prepare for the interview
  • How to answer the common questions
  • How to prepare for behavioral & situational interview methods
  • Interview body-language & paralinguistics
  • Self-management during the interview
  • How to build the working relationship with the interviewer
  • How to leave a first impression & last impression

Please contact me here if you would like to discuss how you may go further in this topic, watch my videos about how Executive Coaching can help you or Group Coaching can accelerate your team's effectiveness.

Please use the comments section at the foot of the page to suggest resources you have found useful on this topic and I'll add them for the benefit of others.