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Did you dream about it before it happened?

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Does your intuition have a voice in your leadership practice? What sort of questions can you offer to your intuition? How do you make way for your intuition to work for you? Do you thank your intuition when it brings an answer? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in August.

I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

What part does hope play in your leadership practice?

When is the last time you unplugged?

How do you introduce new colleagues into your team’s culture?

How do you respond when you are challenged for more efficiency?

What’s the story of your relationship with curiosity?

Are you using your emotions to meet your professional objectives?

When is a good time to be an HR leader?

Could the system be creating the unhelpful behaviour you encounter?

How do you turn an internship into a job?

How hard are your soft skills?

What is the half-life of your convictions?

Did future-proofing work for you in the past?

Science or spirituality?

Who is the best leader you ever worked for?

Which is worse for you: misalignment or disagreement with your boss?

If your colleagues perceive you as cynical, will they trust you?

How do you talk to your staff about their careers?

How quickly do you get up to speed in a new job?

Can you state your purpose for the week in the language of a child?

Who builds the best roadblocks?

What were you unable to say?

Is it necessary to trust a colleague to speak openly to them?

When can you call yourself a leader?

Who is Accountable for how much you are paid?

What are the disadvantages of autonomy?

Are you pitching to the right audience? Who else could it be?

What new alliances have you built this week?

How could you start all over?

Do you feel like you are fighting for the resistance when you meet your boss?

Your door may be always open but does your behaviour show it?

Is free or easy the better option?

Who can accept the vision; who needs the hope?

Are you mistaking the journey for the destination?

What opportunities are waiting for you in the interfaces?

Is giving up always an option?

How do you make your team feel small & agile in a large slow-moving organisation?

Where will your next flight take your leadership style?

How is seeing holding you back? Close your eyes for 60 secs; what do you hear?

Is your HR team ambitious? How can you tell?

How can your weaknesses add value?

Who is feeding the elephant in the room?

What is Friday’s legacy? Are you grateful or frustrated today?

When LinkedIn says, “Top job picks for you” are you excited or disappointed?

Are your arguments "misdemeanour tennis”?

What does your journal tell you?

Was that a week of confident living?

Which of your peers do not know your strengths?

Have you been a disruptive leader this week?

Is it worth your time to struggle to the place beyond doubt?

Can you be friends with yourself?

Why didn’t they ask you?

What do they mean by ‘What do you mean’?

Is it time to 'let go'

When they say, ‘I’m confused’, do you feel threatened or invited to add value?

How do you measure return on relationship?

How do you lead people who expect an authoritarian leader?

Do you need permission?

What could you gain from showing your working?

How do you enjoy your commute?

In a world biased for action, when do you say, 'I’m not ready yet'?

Who articulates the hidden thoughts of your team?

Who do you keep posted on your problems?

Can you tell who had the best weekend?

What is your objective? Your answer starts from the Problem or the Solution?

Who does it better than you?

Is regret motivating you now?

Are you ready to face your own Kodak moment?

What can you infer from their looking just like you?

Why are they proud to work for you?

What’s the least it will take for your customer to switch to your competitor?

What happens when you read?

Will you join me on the edge of the unknown?

When does it help to not know where you are going?

Can you read your way to be a better leader?

How can they help you, when you know your message will destabilize them?

Could you map the egos in the room... how would that help?

Do they know your standard of truth?

What powers your persistence?

Which is your best time?

How can you signal the way for your organization to navigate the change curve?

How do you react to "Nobody told me”?

Is there a better problem to solve?

What are the myths that matter in your team's culture?

What would motivate them & can you do it?

What are the incomplete psychological processes you'll play out in your start-up?

Does a Platform support your business?

When your team comes from different cultures how does that change how you manage?

Which details are worth your time?

What happens when you leave the room?

When did you last make your boss feel uncomfortable?

Are you ready to be a manager?

Where is your innovation team?

Why didn’t you delegate that task?

Will you face a harder transition than becoming responsible for others?

How do you make sense of a complex world?

How do you share the benefits of your self-awareness?

What’s the ROI for integrity?

Is "Autonomy at the front line" an unachievable fantasy or necessary for success?

Who are you leading & where are you going?

What questions help teams solve problems?

What's the best question you've heard from your HR head?

Is it easier to tell than to sell?

Did you dream about it before it happened?

Do you celebrate when your team says ‘No’?

Are you still waiting for your HR function to be strategic?

How much humility is enough?

Would it help to be sorrier?

How far out is out of the ordinary?

Is flattery good for anyone?

What will others see if you behave as if you are a natural networker?

Is your learning cycle fast enough?

Do you belong?

How do you make people feel included?

How do you tell people that you forgot them?

Do you need a reason to get up from your desk?

When can you force change?

Which international experiences are most helpful for developing your leadership?

Is a good time wasted time?

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