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When you see confidence, do you assume competence?

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Who alerts you to the hazards of your assumptions? What questions saved you from yourself? Did you thank the person who asked you? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in July.

I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

How long can you afford to wait for the culture to change?

Leading or following - which makes you happier?

How has your worst performing team member made your own leadership practice stronger?

What’s the value of ambiguity?

Are you constantly struggling against the unlikely & unimportant?

What have you learnt from that experience?

Is losing the argument so bad?

How will you know if your direct report is stuck in the Impostor syndrome?

What do you read on your intranet?

What data do you have to support that fear?

What hidden expectations are you judged against?

Which is the most recent podcast you listened to?

When did you last ask ‘What am I good at?’

When are you tempted to talk about "the way we do things around here͛”?

Who was the last customer you talked to?

How will you know when your audience shares your why?

The audience, the slides or you: which is most likely to derail your presentation?

Do you use your network to hold you accountable?

Can you describe what’s holding you back?

Who wants to work with you?

Do you deserve to be simultaneously lauded & derided?

Why would you get value from using the words ‘Rigorous’ or ‘Robust’?

What’s the source of their potential? Their behaviour or your head?

Is it naïve to see an opportunity everywhere you look?

What is the case for action?

What does distance do for your leadership?

What will your visitors bring into your space today?

What is your competitive advantage?

Are you a complainer?

Can you fire your way to success?

Which is your best space?

How does your behaviour change when it rains?

How sure are you?

When is 'What' more useful than ‘Why’?

The confidence they have in you - where did that come from?

What systems are you a member of?

Is it the way you’re asking the question that means you do not get an answer?

What’s the choice you make between organising & being organised?

What is not communication?

Can you remember where you started?

How do you address the undiscussables?

When you see confidence, do you assume competence?

What does the facilitator do with your team that you cannot?

Do you lead from the political heights?

Are you running in the wrong digital direction?

Can your peripheral vision tell you more than looking in the mirror?

When is it better to play than proceed?

What differentiates a cordial invitation from any other?

How would Radical Candour transform this situation?

How long does your impact linger after you have left the room?

What can you learn from tracing the vectors of blame?

Is it as clear for everyone?

What do you wish you could tell your leaders, but don’t?

Do you listen to the good news?

What are the clues that success is coming?

How do you define excellence, and how far are you from it on a scale 1-10?

Who is designing the future of your business?

Are you proud of your Busyness?

What happened last time the organisation tried it?

What is your story?

Whose Expectations are your millennial staff seeking to satisfy?

Staff or people?

Can you show too much vulnerability?

Who holds up the mirror of truth for you?

Are you trapped in unhelpful patterns of meaning making?

Is depending on a colleague a weakness or a strength?

Can you see the space between doing and being?

When has avoidance worked for you?

What do you learn by watching the body language of your team?

What do you do with the feedback you receive?

How could the next meeting end differently if ask only questions?

In which meeting do you feel most comfortable?

Do your staff motivate you?

Do you notice the impact your tone of voice has on others?

How can you realise the value of social media endorsements?

What are the benefits of low emotional intelligence?

It was probably someone’s good intention. Who could that be?

Do you have too much work?

Who is Influencing you right now?

Do millennials contribute more to your culture than they take out?

What are the benefits of giving your staff more autonomy?

Is it time or the teacher that makes you an expert?

Is your team a group of unique people or pieces on a chessboard?

Is communicating the same as connecting?

What are your favourite assumptions?

Is Pareto playing for your team?

Do you celebrate when your team says 'No'?

Do you notice how you solve problems?

Who will you lift up this week?

Will you boldly go this week?

Where do you get stuck on the change curve?

Do you need a Coach?

In what situations do you forget that you cannot predict the future?

Whose Opportunity is your P&L?

Is your QBR more than a ritual? Can you see its business impact?

What's the most rewarding thing you heard today?

How do you benefit from being interrupted when you are speaking?

What’s your Plan B?

Indonesia or Turkey?

What do you do for fun?

Who could see your problem differently?

Whose life have you changed?

How is your incumbency a weakness?

When did you choose not to have a Career Strategy?

Who is in charge here?

Does your talent pool hold the skills your firm will ask of future leadership?

Exactly how could it be worse?

A cause or a dream?

Is your team trapped in harmony: constantly affirming one another?

Do you know your counterparts in your competitors?

What won’t you tell your boss today?

Is it who you know?

What do you miss when you connect the dots?

Do you treat your Human Resources as humans or resources?

What is not personal?

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