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Derailment & the Hogan Assessments

· Leadership,Self-Awareness,Assessment

The Hogan Assessments are the market leading organisational psychometric assessments for leadership development and selection. I recommend them to my coaching clients who are in or aiming for senior leadership positions.

We use the assessment data in the form of reports: usually the Leadership Forecast series. They illuminate three aspects, the so called Bright Side, Dark Side and Inside. You can find links to the sample reports below.

The Bright Side or Potential report elaborates who we are when at our best. the Dark Side or Challenge report indicates risk factors that may lead to our derailment and the Inside or Values report explores our values, purpose, motivation and interests.

Please contact me here if you would like to discuss how you may go further in this topic, watch my videos about how Executive Coaching can help you or Group Coaching can accelerate your team's effectiveness.



Leadership Forecast Series

Please contact Andrew here if you would like to discuss how you may go further in this topic through Coaching.

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