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The Leadership Journey

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This is a living collection of resources that I use with in my workshop for mid-career Masters students in Singapore who are on the journey to leadership roles. It includes all the resources I refer to in the 2-hour workshops, Essential Skills: Leadership and Transition to Leadership. I have selected the content based on my observation of the leaders I have worked with and coached along their leadership journeys from MBA to CEO. I also have a page on Career Strategy in general, which may help you answer your questions.

Please use the comments section at the foot of the page to suggest resources you have found useful on this topic and I'll add them for the benefit of others.

Please contact me here if you would like to discuss how you may go further in this topic, watch my videos about how Executive Coaching can help you or Group Coaching can accelerate your team's effectiveness.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

Lao Tzu





Leadership will flow to those whose vision can inspire the members of the team to put their best abilities at the service of the team. These leaders will create rather than demand loyalty; the best people will want to work with them. They will communicate effectively with a variety of people and use the conflict among diverse points of view to reach new insights. They will exert influence by the values they choose to reinforce. They will make leaders of their team members. John Clarkeson, former CEO of BCG,