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What do you do to allow the right question to emerge?

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Listening is not enough. What do you deliberately do to ensure you get the helpful questions at the right time? Maybe, you leave it to chance or do not recognize the value of a question? Who can you invite to think disruptively about what you do? You may have to coach them to speak truth to power and offer you their questions in the moments of truth? Here are the #Leadership #Coaching #Questions I asked on Twitter in September.

I share this work in progress in the spirit of working out loud. Thank you to the clients, friends, authors and serendipity that inspired the questions. Notice which questions are productive for you and tell me where they take you. You can read more as I post them here. Enjoy the journey.

How are you feeling now?

Could you be more curious next week?

Does loving what you do work against you?

What is your best bias

Are you a net giver or taker?

What are the benefits of digression?

What's your personal business case for Mindfulness?

Do your staff want more energy from you?

Are you going to take a risk by doing business as usual next week?

If you help someone & they let you down, do you help them again?

What did you enjoy reading this month?

How will today look when you live it courageously?

What do your critics need from you?

Which comes first: The Trust or the Contract?

What's beneath the Brand?

What do you say when your former staff ask to return?

Do you look confident?

What drags you off purpose?

Do your colleagues all have the same attitude to time?

Who's knocking the corners off your leadership style?

How often do you ask, ‘Why are we doing this project?’

What do your dreams say to you?

What can you not let go of?

Who is managing your talents?

Are they paying you to be Dependent?

Do you know how to know?

Have you forgiven yourself?

Why do you want to be a leader?

How could you organise your working time to make you healthier?

When did you last give yourself permission to be humbled?

How does your audience get to know you in an instant?

How did you rate your last leadership workshop?

To what did you last give lip service?

What does the Gig Economy mean for you?

When your boss is stressed, what changes for you?

What ‘Aha’ moments do you wish for this week?

Can you see the world through your customers' eyes?

How do you stay passionate about your work?

Are we innovating now?

Are you a talent magnet?

What are you grateful for today?

If you have a disagreement, can you still talk to each other?

Do you build relationships before you need them?

After you have asked, ‘Who’s to blame?’ what can happen?

Will you join me on the edge of the unknown?

Do you coach the generations differently?

Who will follow you?

Your leadership emerged from which part of you?

Whose time are you managing?

If you have a disagreement, can you still talk to each other?

How does your network generate value for your business?

Have you challenged your staff to enlist their own Mentors?

Why don't you talk about redundancy?

Can you see the results of your providing long-term direction?

Does the selling or the feeling sold feel worse?

Where’s your creativity: in the void or at the interface?

Who are you pleasing now?

How much can you drink from the firehose?

How do listeners lead?

How could walking to work change your leadership tomorrow?

Are you judging your own listening ability before you have listened?

Can you teach experienced managers new responses?

How much do you experiment?

Do you need more policies?

Who will challenge your assumptions this week?

Is your device deceiving you?

How do we benefit from your status quo?

How many times do you expect to graduate?

After you've said, ‘let's see’, who does the seeing?

How sane do you have to be to disrupt your own career?

Which was more helpful this week: unsolicited or requested feedback?

Do you deliver what you believe?

How do you benefit from feeling lost?

Do you reward grace under pressure?

Whose present is your past?

Who remembers you?

Can you lead a revolution & BAU at the same time?

Did you add more value than you spent this week?

When does irony work for you in emails?

Save your money or your time?

How does your business benefit from your Emotional Empathy?

When did you last enjoy the view?

How do you know it’s good advice?

How will you know if they do not understand you?

How flexible should a good Project Manager be?

Would you follow a dreaming leader?

Are you using data to stand in for certainty?

Who can you invite to think disruptively about what you do?

Is your next job ready for you?

Do you say too much or too little?

What are you not ready for?

Do you know how to be proactive? Where will you find your answer?

Who is your power pair?

How will your interview questions shape your future relationship with the candidate?

Can you align individual motivation with company compensation policies?

When does uncertainty win?

Whose little ideas get overshadowed by the big ones?

Are you aware of your own moods at work?

How do you behave when you know better than your subordinate?

How do you evaluate your judgement?

Are you glorifying stress?

Is leadership as simple as "get the right people & let them do their thing"?

What do you do to allow the right question to emerge?

What does ‘it’s fine’ tell you?

Will anyone benefit more from your kindness than you in the coming week?

It’s impossible or you have not tried?

When it didn’t kill you, did it make your stronger?

Do you find yourself wishing ‘if only there was a training course for…’?

Does your cynicism help or hinder your performance?

Do you ask the intern for ideas?

Do you resent others' success?

Is your successor ready now?

How does your meeting room layout express your firm's values?

What was your contribution this week?

How do you move from business strategy to talent strategy? Is HR in the room then?

Does your team have a personality?

When do you confuse your team?

When was the last time you scared yourself?

How will humans shape the future of your organisation?

What are the consequences of not speaking up now?

First ask, is it boring to you?

Is Best Practice enough?

With which fantasies do you decorate your perception of your boss?

Are you more talked about than talking?

When did you last make your Mentor feel uncomfortable?

Now take a risk?

Is it a problem or a dilemma?

Do you give enough time to your curiosity?

What are the roadblocks you meet made of?

Better to be present or prepared?

Can you learn to enjoy an activity that you dislike at first?

Do you trust your customers to trust you?

When do you feel guilty?

How much value can a pessimist add?

Are you working in a fishbowl?

What other agendas will be sitting round the table?

Leadership effectiveness or tenure?

When you tell your staff: bring me solutions not problems, what do you get?

If you don't like the Employee Engagement results do you want to change employee or manager behavior?

How many ‘micro-adventures’ do you plan this weekend?

Do you confuse your team by too little or too much distance?

How do you ask for help?

When do you need to be careful what you say? What does that tell you?

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