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Feedback & Reflection

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Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.

Peter Drucker

Feedback and Reflection are essential practices in all my programs, coaching and workshops. This is a living collection of resources that I share with my to develop and extend their practice.

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When did you last give yourself the gift of Reflection? Reflection: a time to mull over what has happened; to make meaning; to find different ways of understanding; to learn about the instance and generalise for future application? Have you heard a question that has flipped your perspective or inspired an Aha moment? Who do you seek out to help you reframe?

Feedback is the action that starts our learning at work. Formal and informal feedback alert us to our blind spots, our weaknesses and skills we need to acquire. Equally feedback helps us to validate what we are doing well and identify our strengths that will power us forward.

A healthy feedback culture is also essential to build a high performing team. Whether you are a manager or yet to have that responsibility, giving actionable feedback to your staff, peers subordinates and others in the firm is the platform for building a more effective team.

Behavioral feedback is the foundational coaching skill. Managers should be giving feedback continuously through the year: validating (positive) feedback and developmental (negative) feedback. As managers we know that we should not be surprising our staff in the year end evaluation. Our staff should be fully aware of our views of their performance from our feedback. We should give it in a timely fashion so they can take corrective action and develop themselves before we assess them at year end.



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