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  • Andrew The Executive Coach

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    Andrew Jones is an experienced Executive Coach, Mentor and Career Counselor practicing in Singapore, where he works for a wide range of organisations and individuals: leaders and professionals from MNCs to Entrepreneurs across many industries.


    Andrew offers three one-to-one working methods: Coaching, Mentoring or Career Counseling. Andrew always starts a new relationship with a free, no-commitment, “chemistry” meeting to hear the Client's objectives and to explain which method can serve the Client. Only with that understanding does he propose a formal engagement with the Client.


    Consultations are normally for 60 minutes by videoconference or 90 minutes face-to-face in a confidential space. Alternative arrangements are available for working over a distance or more intensive interventions.


    Andrew builds a close and trusting relationship with his Client. He keeps the Client’s perspectives central and strives for new insights by exploring what is going on, both in the material the Client offers and in the conversation itself as it unfolds. Clients find Andrew easy to confide in and resourceful in guiding them along their journey. He is equally comfortable working with Asian talent and foreign entrants seeking to grow in Asian markets. Andrew has a reputation for being a good listener, not judging his clients, and respecting and protecting their confidences.


    Andrew offers specialised coaching services for debriefing Hogan Assessments, 360 Feedack, and DISC reports


    Andrew is a certified facilitator for MBTI Step I & II, EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, the Hogan Assessments: Development Survey, Personality Inventory, and Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory, Gallup StrengthsFinder and the Center for Creative Learning Benchmarks 360-Degree Assessments.


    Watch Andrew talk about his Coaching practice on Gallup Called to Coach

    Watch Andrew introduce Career Counseling


  • Executive Coaching

    Learn in the Moment

    Andrew's Clients come from diverse industries, cultures, levels of responsibility and life stages. Typically, they feel Stuck: Stuck in a repeating pattern of behaviour, Stuck with resolving a problem, Stuck in making a plan or Stuck in taking advantage of an opportunity. Andrew facilitates the Client to reach their own resolution for progress.


    Andrew guides the Client through Defining their Objective, Self-Awareness & Exploring their Environment, Making a Plan for Change, and Making the Change, to Integration & Evaluation.


    Coaching objectives range from tactical personal issues to strategic enterprise and career questions such as: Motivation, Conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Decisions, Culture, Leadership, Business Transformation/Strategy, Personal & Team Development, Behaviour, Communication, Problem Solving, Executive Presence, Fixing Relationships, Succession, Growth, Group Dynamics in Teams and Performance.


    Every engagement is different because every Client is different. The Client’s objectives determine the specific interventions or tools that Andrew will introduce, and the number and frequency of consultations. The process will not necessarily follow a linear path, as each consultation starts from the Client’s objective at that time. Andrew concludes the consultation with a checkpoint to confirm the process is aligned to the Client’s expectations. Watch introduce talk about his coaching practice here


    Andrew also Coaches as part of broader Leadership or High-Potential development programs. Please ask above for more details.

  • Career Counseling

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    Career Coaching Circles

    Andrew's Clients may be considering radical career change, planning for promotion, mid-career refresh, taking stock after retrenchment, returning to working life, Masters level re-entry or assessment centre preparation.


    Depending on where the Client is starting from, Andrew guides them through three phases:

    How did I get here?

    Create your personal inventory of Motivation, Ambition, Experience, Personality, Behaviour, Skills, Knowledge, Network and Passion through a process of self-awareness exercises, appropriate psychometric tools and career review.

    Where am I going?

    Create your strategy from your personal inventory. Develop long-term goals and interim objectives to support your development, and develop parallel strategies to respond to market trends.

    How will I get there?

    Pragmatic tools for planning and executing your job search efficiently and effectively, including personal branding, CV writing, research, networking, target identification, building relationships, interviewing, assessment center preparation, managing your pipeline and negotiation. Specialist services include CV review, interview preparation, and mock interviews.


    Or get the support you need, when you need it, through our comprehensive online course:  The Complete Career Strategy & Job Change course


    Andrew also teaches these topics through online careers advice courses Career Strategy - PersonalBranding - CV & Cover Letters - LinkedIn Profile & Social Media for Careers - Professional Networking - Interview Skills - Transition to New Role - Managing your Growth - Working through Redundancy - Transition to Management - Transition to Leadership - Mid-Career Change - Transition to Ownership

  • Coaching for Groups

    Learn from each other

    Pod Coaching

    How does Pod Coaching work?


    Pod Coaching focuses a group of 5-9 participants on one leadership or management topic at a time. The topic is set by the Client or the Pod group decide together what they want to work on. The group can take one topic per meeting or work on one topic over a series of meetings – typically three.


    Every 2 to 4 weeks, Andrew facilitates the Pod through the process using real-life situations to produce accelerated results. He introduces methods for the team to learn about the focus topic and also from the process that plays out in the Pod itself. The Pod becomes a safe and courageous learning environment for the members to experiment with their new behaviors before taking them out into the real world. After Coaching, Pods can continue as powerful, self-sustaining peer support networks.


    Set up your own private group coaching with Andrew through this link


    Who benefits from Pod Coaching?


    Pod Coaching is appropriate for small groups of 5-9 participants who typically have one or more factors in common. They may come from the same team or across your organization. They may share similar challenges, job content or objectives. They may come from a similar level in the organization or a High-Potential or Leadership Development program.


    Pod Coaching works best with consistent membership, in the same room as the facilitator and the rest of the Pod. Pod Coaching can be more impactful and lasting than off-site training days as the interleaving of Coaching and real-world practice supports the participants to tune new behaviors, reflect on the ‘after’ as well as the ‘before’, and integrate new behaviors.


  • Mentoring

    Learn in the Moment


    Andrew has seen most of the challenges that leaders will face in their careers. Andrew's Mentoring clients include Business Owners, HR functional and other leaders, entrepreneurs and heads of regional functions in global organisations.

    Such roles can be lonely without a close colleague to confide in, to develop new ideas with or to smoke-test your business plans. Andrew combines his Coaching ability with his Leadership experience to offer that confidential ear, and serve as sparring partner, trusted advisor and sounding-board on an ongoing basis.

    Andrew helps new leaders settle in during the first critical months. He guides them to step up from managing to truly leading, discover their own executive presence and manage remotely or across cultural differences.

    Andrew helps leaders in transition make succession plans, develop successors, prepare critical presentations, design organizations, prepare for difficult conversations and make plans for change.

    This is all done at a safe and confidential distance from day-to-day business relationships.


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